About WinCan

WinCan Windows & Doors is a full service window and door company located in Ontario, Canada. Our product offering residential windows and doors. Over the years, WinCan Windows & Doors has been expanding its business and gaining valuable experience.


All WinCan's products are NFRC and Energy Star certified to ensure we have a reliable and energy efficient products. We not only fabricate windows and doors but we also have our own installation teams that ONLY install WinCan's products. 

All of WinCan's installers are highly experienced and trained, not only on installations but also trained on the process of manufacturing windows & doors. We believe that a professional window installer should not only know how to install but also need to know the product itself to ensure nothing wrong with the product before installing.

At WinCan, meeting customer needs and satisfaction is our priority. Before leaving a job site we always ensure that our customers are satisfied with their replacement of windows and doors. Our focus on customer satisfaction has yielded a high rate of referrals which is our main source of leads and sales.

WinCan also have a great sales team. Our sales team are very friendly and patient. They make sure the customers get exactly what they are looking for with a reasonable price. They never put any pressure on customers for them to decide right away. That is why most of our customers have a very comfortable experience with us.

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